"Get-Out-Of-The-Maze-Unit". Fun board game from Jolly Games, designed by Tom Jolly.

The game consists of a set of tiles, each with a pattern of squares, walls, instructions (e.g. "double your next roll"), obstructions (e.g. snake pits and pools of water). It also contains tokens representing various items (e.g. a boat to cross pools of water]) and playing pieces. The playing pieces are moved around in the Maze using a standard 6-sided die (D6).

The object of the game is to escape from the Maze (created by randomly putting together some of the tiles). The only way to escape is to construct a Get-Out-Of-The-Maze-Unit of your color. The G.O.O.T.M.U. is made of three pieces, put in the Maze by your opponent(s).

This game is a very chaotic and funny game, with lots of interesting, intricate instructions. Learning how to play is easy, figuring out how to manipulate the Maze is difficult. I highly recommend this game.

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