Names of Larger Numbers:
Little Known Facts:
Situations giving Rise to Scientific Notation Numerals.
Situation							Scientific Notation
X-Ray frequencies 					 	1 x 10^16 (vibrations/second)
Bottles of Champagne consumed by the French yearly		1.245 x 10^8
Number of toothbrushes purchased by Americans yearly		2.8 x 10^8
Number of candles it would take to reproduce sunlight 		3.01 x 10^27
Grains of sand on Miami Beach				        1.7 x 10^14
Weight (in tons) of all the water on Earth			1.97 x 10^18
Number of people around the world who speak Mandarin		6.5 x 10^8
Length of a Hemoglobin molecule 				6.8 x 10^-6
The mass of the hydrogen atom (in grams)			1.66 x 10^-24
Number of ways to arrange 52 ordinary playing cards	        8.066 x 10^67

I got this information from a hand out in my math class. I looked for where the hand out was from, but it didn’t cite the source of its information. Sorry.

Some of you may have read this, and seen it before I changed it. Before I changed it, it contained info. about a googolplex. I didn't make that up, the worksheet I recieved had 10^200th power as a googolplex, I don't know for sure, so I removed it.

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