WARNING: This prank comes with a high probability of you getting your ass kicked. If you choose to do it, I will not be held responsible for your actions, or the results!



Get a cheezy Squirt Gun from a dollar store or something like that, and fill it about a quarter full with the Hand Lotion. Go to the movies! Try to pick a movie where there is a high probability of steamy scenes. Nudity is a plus.

Bring your friends, but don't sit too close together. Make sure there's a stranger in front of you. Sit down. About halfway through the movie (or when the steamy scenes come on, depending on timing), start breathing slowly and heavily through your nose. Gradually increase the rate of your breathing, and eventually open your mouth. Keep increasing the speed of your breathing, until you are literally panting.

Fire the squirt gun at the neck of the person sitting in front of you, and let out one long, last sigh.

Prepare to run your ass off.

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