FugalBinder Are a rather new band on my local music scene. The band is made up by four local chap's.

Adam James - Lead guitar and vocals

Adrian Rowlands AKA Ben Hawthorne - Bass Guitar

Paulie S - Rhythm Guitar

Uncie Mark - Drums

FugalBinder have played a couple of local gigs at the grand junctionBuckingham and recieved a warm reception. All song's are originals written by the band as a whole.

FugalBinder Maintain something of an original sound that can trace it's roots from such bands as: System of a down,soundgarden,Sunna,boyhitscar,pearl jam,radiohead and also has a delta blues feel, strange yet uniquely gratifying.

FugalBinder's lyrical content throughtout most their songs is a mix of individual loss and a yearning for freedom, which i'm told comes from a mix of experiences from personal relationships to a joint interest of John Paul Satre and Existentialism.

But the band always try and express that the lyrics don't cover their view's completely. What they don't cover in music they will cover in personal interviews etc.

The Song list of their first Album is:

1 Introvert

2 Love Life

3 Myself

4 Freedom not today

5 Beer Spillage

6 two wrongs left

7 return Phat Dave

8 Sympathy

9 Scorn

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