A small town at 51 degrees N, 1 degree W if we're talking latitudes and longitudes, the arse end of nowhere if we're talking Good Locations to Be. Population several thousand (probably around 10 thousand but don't quote me on that) yet it still has no rail station, no cinema, and 4 buses a day.

Note: the bus timetable is such that you can get *to* somewhere, but not back in the same day... most of Bucks is run like this.

It's prime features include:

  • the River Ouse (pronounced ooze), complete with shopping trolleys and mysterious rainbow-coloured water thanks to the
  • Paint Factory (which has thankfully just closed down, leaving hundreds redundant)
  • Old Gaol, a castley-looking thing with a small museum where you can buy Buckingham postcards (surprising how many)
  • Swan Pool, a leisure centre built on land sold to the county by a school (also property of the county, work that one out)
  • Riverside Walk (see aforementioned river)

That's about it. I am allowed to revel in the wonders of Buckingham, because sadly I live here.

Historically, the town goes waaaaaaay back, to it's origins as the county town of Buckinghamshire, when the Duke of Buckingham and Duke of Villiers thought it was a good place to live. I'll leave it to someone else to fill in the gaps in my historical knowledge lest I massacre a write-up.

places nearby : Stowe School, Silverstone Circuit.

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