German jazzfunk band, now lost in obscurity

Fritz Brause (unfortunately I couldn't find any references to the reasons for the silly name) had a short period of fame during the mid - eighties after their hit "Shilly Shally" reached Nr.5 in the German charts. Their sound was quite unusual for a german band of their time, as they impressed with polished brass-arrangements, Level 42-ish basslines and harmonies straight out of fusion.

Due to their impressive live-act they developed a hardcore following, especially in their home town of Bochum. The faded away in the early nineties, after their charismatic lead singer Sabine Sabine left the band to pursue a solo-career.

Recently reformed in their original lineup, they have recorded another album and will again tour the world.


  • Shilly Shally
  • Bow-Tie and Rubberboots
  • Don't go
  • Ambiente
  • Five


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