The term "Free energy device" has a number of meanings:

Definition number one is the most commonly used. By this definition, a nuclear reactor would be a free energy device... if this were the year 1890! And if tomorrow a researcher discovers how to harness the neutrino flux, or finds out how to convert matter directly to energy, or harnesses gravity, or taps the energy of the Vacuum's particle sea, then that will be a "free energy device." However, as soon as the mainstream of science accepts the existence of the device and starts to figure out how it works, then the device will lose its "free energy" status.

For example, when Rutherford discovered that uranium ore would fog filmplates, he had discovered a "free energy" device. When science explained the radioactivity of unstable elements, uranium stopped being "free energy."

So, when a successful device is first attained, but before most people stop their hostile disbelief, and before scientists track down the true source of the unexplained energy, then the device can be called a "free energy" machine.

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