Mention the name of Freddy Adu to almost any average Joe and you'll get the answer, "Who's that?" Ask any hardcore soccer buff and they will say with a smile, "He's the future poster-boy for American soccer."

Freddy is a 5-foot-7, 13 year old who immigrated to the US from Ghana with his mom. At 12 years of age he led his Maryland team to the National Youth Soccer Championship in 2001. The advantages that Freddy has over most players are incredible speed and acceleration. Plus, he can handle the ball like no one you'll ever see. Freddy's coach John Ellinger of the Under-17 Squad says, "I see him do things I haven't seen the pros do." He runs and breaks past the defender faster than you can say, "Whoa" and then corrals the ball in perfect rhythm without breaking a sweat.

America is finally showing up as a real soccer heavyweight with stars like Landon Donovon and DeMarcus Beasley. With all of this coming together, Freddy might become the Tiger Woods of soccer. He's on an accelerated program to graduate High School at 15 and then go into the majors as the youngest player in Major League Soccer history. If he keeps his head up, he will become America's first breakout international soccer superstar.

Update: Freddy played his first pro game on April 4th, 2004. Making him the youngest professional soccer player in over 60 years.

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