A recurring segment on NBC's Late Night with Conan O' Brian where Conan invites the monster Frankenstein (played by Late Night writer and company player Brian Stack) to simply waste one minute of time. What happens usually is Frankenstein will take the cameraman on a twisting winding journey through Studio 6A, sometimes travelling backstage, through the audience, out into the halls, back again into the studio, whereever, until he'll reach his destination and present something totally mundane and boring. But he'll sell it like it's this magical wonderous discovery and by the time you figure out that he's just wasted a minute travelling a good distance to show you a mop and bucket, well, there you go. Frankenstein has just wasted a minute of your time. And it works every time. Even when you think he's gonna show something truly remarkable, like that time when he ended up in bandleader Max Weinberg's dressing room and standing there was a dominatrix brandishing a cat o' nine tails, he'll just pick up a hairbrush and grunt to the camera approvingly. D'oh!

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