If your butt's not feelin' fine
Raymond's here, Raymond's here
Just squirt this lube on your behind
Raymond's here to help

That's the happy ditty Preparation H Raymond sings wherever he goes as he gives out boxes and boxes of Preparation H hemorrhoidal cream to all the lucky people he meets, and nowhere are people more lucky to see him than on Late Night with Conan O' Brian. Raymond, played by Late Night writer and company player Brian McCann, is one of the most popular recurring characters on the show, occasionally showing up to sing the praises of hemorrhoidal cream and, of course, give out boxes of the cream from his big burlap sack. He's certainly also one of the ugliest characters as well, with his oversized waxy ears and his massive overbite. But his genuine devotion to spreading the word of Preparation H fills the hearts of everyone in Conan's audience with a warm glowing warming glow.

Of course, some would say that Raymond likes his cream a little too much. He has been known to squirt an entire tube into his mouth on several occasions duing Late Night, much to the horror of Conan O' Brian and his audience. Yet again and again, Raymond returns to cure the neverending pain of hemorrhoids to the delight of all who suffer from that most uncomfortable of bottom-related ailments.

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