A beautiful modified goddess

Frances Sand is a celebrity amongst the body modification community. She is a beautiful woman with dreadlocked hair that alters colors like a chameleon, hugely gauged out ears, scarification projects, implants (not the kind that Pamela Anderson gets and un-gets), tattoos, and if there is anything else in the moddified world that she is not into, I don't really know of it.

She has been on British television, has been featured in various Tattoo magazines(she was the cover girl for Incredibly Strange Tattoos #15, there's also a pull-out Poster of her located within that issue), and has her own website, on which you can read her journal, and look at hosts of pictures of her various mods.

Frances grew up in England, in the northern section, but moved to the United States later in life, as she felt loathed by many residents of her area as if there was something wrong witht he way she was. I believe she currently resides in Florida with her husband, Jason Sands. Jason is also heavily modified and they frequently preform mods on one another.

Frances' Mods:
Heavily stretched/scalpeled ears, scalpeled navel and several other navel piercings, Collar bone implants, forearm implants, a stretched septum, a scalpeled labret, big tattoos on both arms, facial tattoos, and an array of other piercings that tend to change from year to year.

Frances is helping to pave the way for a more accepting society towards the modified community, and is letting everyone see that a heavily tattooed and pierced individual can be as beautiful as any runway model.

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