Facial tattoos! Boo! Scary stuff - even for tattoo devotees. Once you have these things on your face, nobody will ever look at you the same way again. The more you have, the more difficult it is for vanilla folk to see beyond the tattoos. Possibly, the impact of normal visual cues such as smiling, wrinkling one's nose, or squinting, is blunted by the visual pull of the tattoo.

This may not be such a Bad Thing - it may even be a good thing. A lot depends on having a positive motivation for doing it, the actual design of the tattoo, your own strength of purpose etc.

There are of course a million design possibilities:
  • A row of black dots where your eyebrows used to be (if the dots aren't too big, the eyebrows might grow back big enough to cover the tattoos)
  • Forehead 'moko'or Ta-moko - like that Chakotay bloke in Star Trek (or whatever). If long floppy fringes ever come back into fashion, they could come in handy for partially covering up these tattoos.
  • Chin moko - exceptionally trendy. Unfortunately, a lot of those outrageous skate'n'surf dudes have chosen mokos which are traditionally reserved for women. Never mind, the dudes can always grow a beard when the tattoo starts to bore/embarrass/prevent them from getting a job with even the most liberal of whatever dotcoms still exist.
  • Full facials - pretty rare, good ones are even rarer still, possibly because most good artists avoid trying to do this kind of work. So in desperation our aspiring tattooee turns to whichever crappy hack will take his money. Very sad. Anyhows: a few people have good full facials: Julia Gnuse, Reece, 'Spidergod5/Amago', Angelica Velez (actually half a face, but its still pretty impressive).
To summarise: hey kids, don't do this - unless you have a very thick skin, iron self-will, a lot of money (to pay a decent artist, and to ensure that you can survive without ever working again), and some friends who care for who you are, not what you look like.

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