Troublesome ex-girlfriend of Wally West, in the DC universe.

The least troublesome aspect of Frances Kane is the uncertainty over the spelling of her name and what exactly Wally used to call her. Sometimes it's spelt "Frances" and sometimes "Francis". Wally used to call her "Francine", sometimes, but more recent writers have had him calling her "Frankie".

The more troublesome aspect of Frances Kane is the way she occasionally turns up and tries to kill Wally with her magnetism (and we're not talking animal magnetism here - we're talking Magneto style super-magnetism).

Frances grew up in Blue Valley, Wally's home town, and was a childhood friend of Wally's. When she was a teenager, her latent powers of magnetism saved her from a car crash that killed her father and brother. Her mother accused her of being possessed by the devil, a suspicion that was deepened when things in the house started flying around Frances. She sought Wally's help, with the aid of the Titans it was discovered that Dr Polaris was using her powers to escape his imprisonment in another dimension.

Soon after this she and Wally started dating, and although she occasionally assisted the Titans using the superhero name of Magenta (actually the name of a lethal alternate personality created by an unscrupulous S.T.A.R. Labs doctor), she was a reluctant participant in the superhero side of Wally's life, and during the course of their relationship put a lot of pressure on him to lead a normal life.

At one stage, she was possessed a portion of the demon Trigon (Frances' mother: "I told you so"), turning her evil for a time. She left Wally soon after he graduated from Kid Flash to Flash, but her personality remained unstable, and she would periodically appear and attack Wally, apparently blaming him for introducing her to the world of superheroes, and later abandoning her. She was recently involved in the Cicada cult, and the new Rouges Gallery.

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