A great comic strip, but – let’s be honest – not a particularly innovative one in terms of plot or characterization. What sets it apart is its wit, charm, and attention to detail. The jokes go beyond simple themes like "What a bad cook mom is" or "Look how dad likes golf". Andy doesn’t burn the pot roast, she cooks with tofu. Jason doesn’t just like math, actual calculus appears in the strip instead of random numbers and squiggles. When Peter gets a girlfriend, she is a blind girl, and their courtship is handled with an astonishing amount of charm and sensitivity for a daily comic strip.

Bill Amend has a clean, uncluttered drawing style that I enjoy. Some critics attack it for being too simple, however. I have only one complain – sometimes it is difficult to tell some of the characters, such as Andy and Paige, apart.

The cast:

Andrea "Andy" Fox – a housewife with a love of high art and vegetarian cooking, and she likes to inflict those things on her family.

Roger Fox – typical bumbling computer illiterate father and mid-level executive

Peter Fox – typical teenager who is always wearing a baseball cap with the letter "A" on it. He eats constantly and loves sports, but is very bad at them.

Paige Fox – typical fashion obsessed teenage girl

Jason Fox – pint sized computer genius, with a love of all things geek and a loathing of his older sister

Quincy – Jason’s pet iguana

Denise Russo – Peter’s blind girlfriend

Marcus Jones – Jason’s best friend and partner in crime. He has a hamster but is jealous of Jason’s iguana.