I suffer from multiple identities.

I have been a mother. I have nursed my inner child by Clothing and feeding her, telling her bedtime stories, playing with her, singing to her when she is sick.

I have been my inner child. I have learned to appreciate the art of blowing bubbles, skipping down sidewalks, coloring outside the lines, and eating melty ice cream.

I have been a doctor. I have slapped on more Soul Bandaids and prescribed more advil for people than anyone I know.

I have been a patient. I have received flowers and good intentions coated in chocolate.

I have been a lover. (and I mean that in the strictly non-physical sense) I have held people in my arms while they shuddered uncontrollably with fear, talked down suicidal persons, Broken barriers to be with someone who is alone.

I have been a beloved. I have been showered with heart shaped candies, and valentines, and carnations.

I have been a bitch. I have done unforgivable things to undeserving people, and felt justified in my actions.

I have been a victim. I have had horrible crimes commited against me. I have had my freedom taken against my will, and been powerless.

I have been a teacher. I have taught people how to live again. I have lectured on the tools needed for survival.

I have been a student. I have learned some of lifes most valuable lessons outside of the classroom.

I have been an author, a musician, an artist, and an architect. I have welded, and been a track star.

I am all of these people, so Forgive me for who I am when I wake up. Forgive me if I fail you. Forgive me while I am sleeping, and my guard is down, and my makeup is off, because I haven't had time to choose my evil, my confinement, or my prison. All I am then, is me.

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