"For fuck's sake" is a wonderful phrase. It has it's roots in the more common "For God's Sake" or "For Christ's Sake" (usually pronounced "For Chrissake"). All of these are expressions of exasperation, normally uttered to implore that someone cease an action or do some deed out of incredible urgency.

However the latter two are phrases that are rooted in the idea of a higher power. When you examine them it seems to be that the person saying either one is saying that the thing required is vital to the world plan of their deity. You are saying that for the sake of God or Christ "this" must be done.

For fuck's sake, this isn't good enough, some of us are not religious.

Most of us however, appreciate a good fuck.

Thus when someone says "For fuck's sake" they mean that whatever they need you to do, you better do it because possibly, nay, definitely, not doing it is going to impact their sex life somehow. Maybe not directly, maybe not today or tomorrow or next week but.... somehow if you do not do what they want you will prevent them getting sex.

NEVER prevent people getting sex. That's why people are so cranky all the time: they aren't getting enough!

Now you are probably wondering about the usage of this phrase. To close, here are some possible uses of the phrase "For fuck's sake"

"For fuck's sake Doc, tell me you can fix me up!"
Here the patient is upset because their injuries will prevent them having sex1. Possibly because they will die. Note that a promise of necrophillia from your girlfriend is not good enough for the person who is about to die as sex is no fun if you're not alive to enjoy it.

"For fuck's sake Doctor, please tell me my husband will be okay!"
A variant on the previous entry, here the woman is upset because if her husband dies she will not be able to have sex, what with either not being into necrophilia or being too busy planning the funeral to break into the mortuary2.

"For fuck's sake, I haven't been paid yet!"
Here we see someone who is dependent on their finances to get sex. Maybe they had plans for a nice date. Maybe their partner gets really horny when they get evidence of their lover providing for them3. Maybe the person crying out in anguish at not getting paid on time has to pay for sex. Who knows? Who cares: the important thing here is lack of money is impacting their sex life.

"For fuck's sake, would you kids SHUT UP!"
After a hard day at work this person is having their peace and quiet spoiled. Peace and quiet they need to relax and conserve their energy for their marathon frantic Friday fetish fuckfest4 that will be happening as soon as 1: The grandparents come and pick up the kids for the night, and 2: Spouse arrives home with industrial-size tub of lubricant, their secretary and her Mexican midget gimp.5

  1. This happens.
  2. This also happens.
  3. This happens too.
  4. This happens somewhere, you can bet on it
  5. This also happens. What part of this don't you get? If it's perverted then someone, somewhere, does it.

You may see the letters "ffs" while chatting on the internet. This is an abbreviation of this handy phrase, though internet users probably never get sex so they are not supposed to be saying it, for fuck's sake

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