A Japanese cherry tree is perched alone upon
A great mount -
A pedestal really
What a strange place for such beauty
Her roots burrow deep
Clinging to the hard rocks
Seeking nourishment below the surface
Seeking life where there is none
And finding it
Her branches reach out
Toward anywhere there is light
And explodes forth
Ablaze in reds and whites
Pinks and fushias
And where there should otherwise be
No sun
No water
No hope
Her life springs forth
With magnificence
Something made to only exist once
And even when her pedals
Lay upon the ground
Or are carried away by the wind
Their absence from her branches
Only means that the fire of her life
Has been brought to places where
She'll be loved forever
Reds, and whites, and pinks, and fushias
Twisting like ribbon in the wind
Into brilliant calligraphy
Writing her story
Across the breeze
A story of a beautiful cherry tree
That grew from the pedestal humanity

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