A while ago, I wrote that one way to encourage more participation on E2 was to have an open writeup that would allow as many people as possible to write about one subject as possible. I suggested a casual approach, where a node would be allowed to become a discussion. For a long time, that was discouraged because it led to clutter and short, response writeups. But that policy made sense ten years ago, when "too much" was a problem. Right now, the problem is "too little".

A few weeks ago, I wrote about reviews and how and why I write them. I do want to encourage people to write more reviews.

I have an idea to put these things together. I want to pick a short film (5-20 minutes) that is freely and legally available online, and see how many different write-ups we can write about it. I want to keep it short so that people won't feel that it is too much of a commitment to view and write about it. I do want to pick something that is important and has artistic merit, and I am very open to suggestions.

I am not thinking of doing this as any sort of formal "quest" or anything, but more as a fun, social way to see how we can all view the same thing from different angles. Please let me know if you find this idea at all good, and would be interested in participating yourself.

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