Just as spending 5 minutes trying to decipher a word puzzle or answer a math problem increases the amount of learning that occurs when you look up the answer in the back of the book, just as seeking out answers for your own emotional and spiritual dilemmas makes you more capable of handling future crises than blindly following a charismatic leader's common sense suggestions, and just as learning how to cook and understanding the way nutrition works will make your body operate more effectively than if you march to the tune of the primary colors announcing quick solutions to your primal urges, so will the information you read have more stickiness if you are in active pursuit of it, if you obtain it from multiple sources, entertaining authors' ideas before accepting them, comparing and contrasting points of view and methods of research, keeping the blood flowing in your veins and your brainwaves above the alpha wavelengths by interacting with the information, writing responses to it, drawing a little a man a plan a canal pamana picture that symbolically captures it's essense, using it to enhance your everyday life, doing something with it that involves moving parts of the body besides the index finger.


Procedure, Data, Discussion, Conclusion:

I can remember many days spent hardly doing anything besides browsing various web sites, but I cannot recall having learned any thing that I could recount to anyone else any more than a few days later, save a few salient catch-phrases and watchwords.

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