Flesh Gordon (1972)


Jason Williams.....Flesh Gordon
Cindy Hopkins.....Dale Ardor
Joseph Hudgins....Dr. Flexi Jerkoff
William Hunt....Emperor Wang

A hilariously funny pornographic spoof of the Flash Gordon serials. The plot, briefly, is: Flesh, Dale and Dr. Jerkoff travel to Planet Porno To save the Earth from Emperor Wang's Sex Ray.

Possibly the high point of the entire movie for me (aside from the fuzzily-photographed double penetration scene in the rocket when our heroes are hit by the Sex Ray) is the appearance of Dr. Jerkoff's "Power Pasties". These devices fitted on his nipples and fired destructive energy beams. About as funny as it sounds. Also amusing are the penis-shaped rocket (even curved, leading to certain axis of thrust issues I'm sure), and the cave-dwelling penisauruses.

Anybody even tangentially familiar with contemporary pornographic cinema will be shocked by the presence of a crude (in both senses) plot, vestigial acting, and rudimentary special effects (including a lot of claymation) in this picture. A lot of the explicit sex was apparently cut from the original release, however, and is unlikely to resurface, so it almost qualifies as a low-grade B-movie rather than a "porno".

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