Delightful pub in Birmingham, England near the Symphony Hall and one of many canals.
Was a member of the Firkin Brewery chain before Firkin was taken over by Allied Breweries, resulting in the demise of Firkin beers such as Dogbolter, which would floor the EDB.

By day, a quiet pub inhabited mainly by old men and a few rockers, by night it plays ear-splitting nu-metal and is inhabited by hundreds of greebos and a few old men. At this time, it's as empty as your average Black Hole of Calcutta, and the oxygen level is about as high. As it makes most of its profit from 15-year-old greebos, it would go bankrupt if it ever started IDing people properly or if the bouncers did their jobs.

A distinct IDing policy can be spoted however: people are rarely IDed during the day, for a start. During the evening, you are liable to get IDed if your hair is a colour not found in nature, you are sitting outside, you are in a large group and you are loud. This is actually about 80% accurate.

Signs around the pub include: "It was a woman who drove me to drink - I must remember to thank her" and "Please don't take the piss out of our beer - it needs all the flavour it can get."

Has regular gigs in the basement, costing around £3 on the door.

It's open all day, and serves food until 8pm (6pm on Sundays). A traditional order is chips and dips: chips covered in melted cheese and served with two dips. There is a beer garden and a balcony on which to sit, overlooking the canal. Unfortunately, it's all on the first floor (barring the gigs room) and so disabled access is nonexistent. It appears to have a children's certificate during the day, but at night is over-18s only. It has pinball, two quiz machines, a fruit machine and a pool table.

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