As the title would suggest, this package contains the final official release for the PC game Doom. In one sense, it's not really a new game at all; there are no new monsters or weapons added on top of those from Doom II. In another sense, it's two new games in one box: it has 64 levels in two distinct episodes, twice the size of Doom II. And oh what levels they are.

None of the new levels were actually made by id software; they were produced by the well-known mapmaking collective Team TNT. These are some of the most respected mappers in the Doom community, and for good cause. It could be argued that their levels are better than even id's.

The first episode is called TNT:Evilution. The difficulty in this map set is like vanilla Doom II's, in that it starts out fairly easy and then ramps up later in the game. If you beat the original, you can probably handle this.

The second episode is The Plutonia Experiment, and it is hard as hell. If you can master this bunch on Ultra-Violence, I'd like to shake your hand; you'd almost certainly be able to qualify for a Doom Honorific Title. This entire 32 level act was created by two members of Team TNT: Dario Casali and Milo Casali.

Both episodes feature new graphics and music from the Team TNT wizards. If you enjoyed Doom II (and really, if you didn't, your existence probably isn't justifiable), this package is definitely worth picking up. Very good stuff.

Oh, and have fun figuring out the pillar maze on Evilution's map30. it's color coded...

Map List


The Plutonia Experiment

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