I'm glad reviewing albums and bands isn't actually my job, and is just what I do on e2. I'd be a bit screwed this week, not being able to listen to anything but Melvins. I wish I knew why.

I listened to (A) Senile Animal yesterday for about the twentieth time, and moved it from the "good" category to "great". Then I was in a real Melviny mood after that, so I listened to Lysol and Houdini too. Today I listened to Bullhead (and bellowed along). I realized that I needed more. I felt like I was going through withdrawal, and wild-eyed and panting I thumbed through discography torrents until I found a good one. Now I have the envious opportunity to listen to practically everything King Buzzo, Dale Crover, and {assorted bassists} have recorded.

It's gone okay so far. With so many albums cluttering up my music library, I'm trying to focus more on finding ones to delete rather than ones to keep. Each one goes through a rigorous screening process. If I'm intrigued with one, I will keep it, and subject it to a second listen later on. I found a couple I immediately didn't like:

Colossus of Desiny

and some I did, which I'll have to node eventually:

The Maggot
Gluey Porch Treatments
Hostile Ambient Takeover

I also decided to re-download their 2008 album Nude With Boots, which I deleted a month ago but suddenly wanted to hear again. It finally clicked, I guess. Funny how albums do that (I should be more careful with my delete key).

I've still got about ten to hear, not including ones I rejected long ago but may be willing to give another shot.

The Melvins apparently aren't the only band I can listen to. I listened to Hissing Fauna today too, but right after that it was back to Melvins. I can run but I can't hide, it seems.

I hope my obsession lasts at least until I get though all these albums.

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