Do not fret, my beloved jellyfish. I'm still waiting for you. Longing for you. We will meet when I find you sprawled on a saucer served to me cold. I already feel the magnetism. Your spineless body, your long strings, the shower cap... Oh, yes.

I'll be here for you always. If you're not with me by the time the moon rises, we will be reunited once again by firelight. You'll be both awed and cowed by the sheer power of fate. Wasn't I right for you to be afraid?

You will be seduced into failure. Failure, my dear jellyfish, will become your only option. But have patience, for time will yield for thee and it will be a fast disappearing dream. Yes, fate, thine own failure tempts me to follow, and alas, I shall return to the time I had created you. Ah, wondrous creation, what wrong have we committed? Crime and justice knows no end to my mortality. My home and my heart will then cease to belong to me.

We shall experience neither the warm embrace of the sun nor the frigid molasses of the dark. Oh, to behold what horrors you once adhered to in the past would be bland pleasure compared to our separation.

Such a violent casualty of the mind force us into using apparitions of words to pierce our flesh with the prongs of lustful hunger. Your act of consolation shall drown you into a powerful, irrevocable slumber where fear will cease to chill your soul. Bleed now, and into the dark it disperses our fantasy only to where the wind stops blowing. And there... We shall at last be reunited.

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