From The Simpsons, in the episode where Homer gives up church.

As Homer moves to his new religion, he decides to take a day off work. He rings up, and the conversation goes a little something like this...

"Uh, work? I won't be coming in today... Uh, it's a religious holiday... The, uh, "Feast of Maximum Occupancy"

The classic part is, he made it up - he's reading the first thing he sees - and considering he is in Moe's, drinking a Duff, he sees the required warning label for a maximum of 55 people in the bar, on Moe's wall.

Followed up by the following dialogue:

Moe: "Pretty slick, Homer!"
Homer: "You should join my religion, Moe, it's great! Take any time off work you want... no church..."
Moe: "Nah Homer, I was born a snake handler, and I'll die a snake handler" (shows Homer his cuts and slashes and Band-Aids on his hands from opening bottles all day...)

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