Back the in early 70's when people REALLY knew how to create compelling animation, a full length Pyschedelic Sci-Fi movie came out called 'Fantastic Planet' which went on to win the 'Special Grand Prize' at the 1973 Cannes Film Festival.

Set on the planet Ygam, the ruling inhabitants were a race of blue giants called Traggs who kept tiny pets called Oms (humans brought from Earth long ago). The Traggs would spend most of there time in strange morphing/meditations and floating around in giant bubbles. Although peaceful, they where oblivious to the potential intelligence of Om's and would periodically go into the forests to De-Om (fumigate) the wild ones that had escaped.

The story revolves around one clever orphaned Om named Terr (his mother was killed by Traags that played with her like we play with ants) who grows up as a pet and learns all about Traag Society through telepathic teaching devices. He eventually escapes and meets up with a band of slightly barbaric Oms living in the wilds.

After a series of calamities including being attacked and devoured by a giant nightmarish flying demon and murdered in a de-oming, the remaining Om's join forces with another band and travel to an old Traag rocket depo where they eventually modify the technology and leave the planet to a nearby moon which is the "Fantastic Planet' and learn the secret of the Traags and where they go in there floating bubbles. (you'll just have to try to find it at your friendly local rare video store if you want to learn the ending, heehee)

Considered by some as a metaphor for the Soviet occupation of Czechoslovakia, the movie is reminiscent in tone and style to the Yellow Submarine and early classic Sesame Street cartoons. It was French animator René LaLoux's first feature film, based on a story by Stefan Wul's novel 'Oms En Serie' (Oms By the Dozen) and produced in Prague's Jiri Trnka Studios.

Last album from a band called Failure. They toured on the final Lollapalooza with Tool, Tricky, and Korn, whose fist stage slot they kinda filled after a member of Korn got some type of meningitis.

This album had a minor hit with the song Stuck On You, whose video was a cool take on the James Bond intro's.

Track list:

1. Saturday Saviour - 4:27
2. Sergeant Politeness - 4:05
3. Segue 1 - 1:54
4. Smoking Umbrellas - 3:58
5. Pillowhead - 2:09
6. Blank - 5:38
7. Segue 2 - 1:16
8. Dirty Blue Balloons - 4:23
9. Solaris - 3:43
10. Pitiful - 4:45
11. Leo - 3:05
12. Segue 3 - 2:11
13. The Nurse Who Loved Me - 4:25
14. Another Space Song - 5:10
15. Stuck on You - 4:28
16. Heliotropic - 6:14
17. Daylight - 6:00

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