The overall importance of Faith in a God, from a Christian's perspective.

"Doctrine, dogma and decision - these you can live by so that you may avoid the disintergration of the mind." - "Reading in the Dark" by Seamus Deane, pg180

There is probably no way to understand anything to do with our origin, our purpose, and our reason to continue. Instead it is better that we should live on without understanding, even if it means believing in a God that possibly does not exist.

Throughout time, has there ever been an instance in which God intervened? A situation in which god struck down with all of his glory, saved a life, delivered a baby, pushed a tidal wave on to a tiny village? There is no recording of this. The only recorded miracles in history are happenings of circumstance, nothing more. The world is comprised of random natural acts, and intentional human acts. They both combine to create an illusion of a higher power, although the image is weak.

Now, if there is no God, what are we left with? Each other. You, me and the rest of the human race. If there is no god, then what is the point of fighting each other? No one is going to heaven, so it is ok to compare a murderer to a priest. If there is a God, and they are merciful, will they care if we never found them or prayed to them?

One thing that people all over the world overlook is the fact that when they die, whatever they believe, they may not be right. Living their life to suit the needs of something possibly fictional is sadly the exact thing we have evolved to do. It is therefore in our best interests to have blind faith. Atheists are the saddest people on Earth most of the time, except for those who have the attitude of living life to it"s fullest.

If there is no god, then there really is no time on this Earth to be depressed. There is plenty of time to be self-absorbed, egotistical, out of control, crazy, but there is no time to let simple problems get you down. Every time you take a breath, someone in the world breathes his or her last and there is nothing you can do except thank your god that you are still alive; and thank your god blindly. Think about it, you breathe without thinking, and you can believe in a God exactly the same way. I guarantee no matter how much you tell yourself there is no God, you will feel It in your fucking bones that there is. Besides, what an individual thinks is of no consequence to the person sitting next to him.

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