One day, while listening to the radio, you hear a lovely voice filled with melancholy sing "I want to hold the hand inside you..." You find yourself enthralled with the vocalist and then the song ends. This is the 1990s and you have long had a suspicion but you are in denial that radio is in its death throes, at least radio as you knew it. You do not change the station in the hope that there are not 70 commercials you have to sit through in order to find the title of this song. This seems to be your lucky day because the dj gives the title of the song Fade Into You along with the name of the band, Mazzy Star.

None of your friends know about this band, therefore no opinions, and in this era, Amazon is only a river so all research is done by going through the bins of the local branch of a national chain (no cool independent record store in Dallas) of record stores. Luckily, they have what you are looking for; it sucks tracking someone down for assistance and it sucks even more talking to one of these people to place an order for what you want.

So Tonight That I Might See turns out to be a great cd. On occasion, I do run into people who have heard and listened to Mazzy Star but not many. I purchased this cd at a time when I was in the habit of purchasing cds just because there was one song I liked and in this case the song happened to be Fade Into You.

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