This is an abbreviation for Fantasy RolePlaying Game and is used to denote a "paper and pencil" RPG (such as Advanced Dungeons and Dragons or Rifts) as opposed to a CRPG (Computer/Console Role-Playing Game) such as Baldur's Gate or Final Fantasy. This abbreviation seems to have fallen out of favor at some point, however it is still useful (the further abbreviation "FRP" is used to denote FRPG-related usenet groups in the hierarchy).

Over on the CRPG node /dev/joe asserts that because the rules in an FRPG can be modified at any time it is easier to design an FRPG than a CRPG. I have to agree as I cannot think of an FRPG analogue to the CRPG problem of mixing IC and OOC up in the code of computer-based RPG.

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