"Medium latte diplo, full fat milk, shot of caramel, lots of sugar, please."
"Okay, there's one sugar in there, with the caramel as well, okay?"
"Erm... a bit more, please."
"Okay, we've got two sugars now, and the caramel. That's enough, right?"
"What? More?!!?"
"You're one of those people who don't take sugar, aren't you?"
Such is the daily banter over the counter with the barista (ooh... mental image. excuse me.) at the California Coffee Company kiosk. These health freaks simply don't understand that I like my coffee with at least a 1:1 ratio of sugar.

Likewise, "I'll have the steak. So rare you can still hear it moo." usually yields a steak medium rare in accordance with how the chef would have it. And every other time I ask for Mayfair Lights the g.b.t.c. gives me Marlboro Lights. All part of life's rich pageant, I suppose.

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