The Expert3D Lite, code-named IFB-lite, was a PCI framebuffer card produced by Sun Microsystems in the early 2000s for their UltraSPARC workstations. The Sun Blade 100 was the first system to ship with it, and later Ultra 60 and Ultra 80 systems did include it as an option. It's based on a 3DLabs Wildcat chipset (though they were still called Intense3D at the time). The Expert3D Lite has 32MB of RAM, for both framebuffer and texture cache, and has hardware acceleration for geometry, transform and lighting, shading and texture mapping. It also supports typical 2D acceleration functions, even at high resolutions. Unlike most Sun graphics cards of the time, it had an HD15 VGA connector, rather than their typical 13W3. The Expert3D Lite was superseded by the XVR-500 in 2002.

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