3DLabs was previously a high-end workstation graphics card company. They started out in 1994 as DuPont Pixel Systems, changed their name and went public in 1996. They then acquired Intergraph's Intense3D division in 2000. In 2006 they announced their intention to withdraw from the workstation graphics market in favor of producing media processors for mobile devices.

While they were in the 3D graphics business, they produced the first 3D geometry processor for PCs, the Gamma, and the Permedia, the first low-cost OpenGL accelerator chip. While there were earlier low-cost PC 3D graphics cards, the Permedia (and its successors the Permedia2 and Permedia3) was the first to support the industry-standard OpenGL API. They also produced several professional graphics chipsets, under the names of Wildcat and Oxygen, based on the earlier Intergraph Intense3D products, fused with some of 3DLabs' own technology.

Besides PCs, 3DLabs chipsets found their way into graphics cards for HP and Sun workstations, as well. The Sun PGX32 was a Permedia-based card, while the Expert3D, Expert3D-Lite and XVR-500 were based on Wildcat chipsets.

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