A colony ship carrying the human race through space in search of a new home. Construction on the Excelsior I began in the year 3173 when a white dwarf star was detected on a collision course with Sol. Experts at the time predicted the star would collide with Sol in 200 years, so work began on a starship capable of carrying a good portion of the Earth's population to safety so that their legacy can live on.

The Excelsior I was completed 3 years before the collision occured. The massive starship was 450 miles long, 170 miles wide at its widest point and 130 miles high at its highest point. The vessel is powered by direct matter to energy conversion, allowing it to use the vast amounts of interstellar matter for fuel. It employs advanced life support systems that permit it to support its population of over two million human beings, as well as matter replicators for the production of food and materials.

The Excelsior I was been on its voyage for 2000 years and has not yet found a planet suitable for human habitation. It will continue its journey until one is found, and until then, the entire human race lives aboard it. This brings interesting issues; an entire economy and government is required for this many people to live without major conflict. However, things have been going well so far, and hopefully they will continue until a new home can be found.

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