Its' obvious that the XP system is causing a lot of tension and whacked-out shit-ass fucking behaviour(yes, behaviour, that's not a spelling mistake). So that we can vent our spleens I believe a magical system is in order to keep people in check and to have a fucking damn good time causing chaos and promoting anarchy.

I propose that people be allowed to cast a range of spells at each other. Here is a small list of spells that should be available.

  1. The "I Hate Your Fucking Node" Spell - A powerful spell that allows a user to sacrifice 10 of their own nodes and the points awarded from that node to kill someone elses node.
  2. The "I Am Jealous Of You" Spell - Allows a user to become a person of their choice for one day thereby making them feel better - albeit temporarily
  3. The "I Want to Suck Up To You Some More" Spell - Gives users the ability to suck up to another user earning them 10XP per special "power word of sucking" which includes the words and phrases "lick", "You have madskillz", "can I have your baby?", "Your nodes make me jism."
  4. The "It's Very Important To Me To Be The Most Important Person On Everything In The Eyes of Every User on Everything" Spell - This causes the user to spontaneously combust and travel to their own little everything paradise where all users worship them.
  5. The "I Totally Don't Give A Fuck About The Whole Thing But Still Will Engage In The Discussion And Make Comments As If I Cared" Spell - Once cast this spell cause to blabber on innanely while denying what they are saying actually has any meaning for them.
  6. The "Everything Defines Who I Am" Spell - Any user of your choice can be turned into any node you choose, never to be deleted.

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