Everything Can Be Beaten looks like a children's story, but is actually far too mature and disturbing for any child. It is written by Mr. Chancre Scolex. Scolex is Jhonen Vasquez's alter ego. The story follows a small man's adventure away from the world he has always known. It starts with the man smashing kittens with his hammer. He eventually thinks that there has to be more then just beating kittens. He ventures out of his little room into the world we know. A world full of trees, animals, and clouds. The man smashes everything he sees and is happier than he can ever remember. Soon, however, he runs out of things to smash and grows unhappy again. He regrets ever leaving his kitten-smashing room and heads back to enjoy the life he used to have.

Jhonen Vasquez is best known for his comic Johnny the Homicidal Maniac. JTHM gained him a cult fan base and he went on to write Squee. He was also the creator, writer, and art director for the Nickelodeon cartoon Invader Zim.

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