With apologies to They Might Be Giants and their classic "Ana Ng", but it had to be done....

Everything, the filk

Make a site with a backend database
To allow visitors to write up nodes
About anything they remember
"Node what you know, and then node what you do not know"
My computer is logged in all day there
Reading the New Writeups and the Chatterbox
Constantly streaming useless factoids
Until I find myself something better to do

    Everything's where I want to go when I need to find out
    Stuff like what a good all around phrase to use is
    What's a chick-pea and why would I want it put in my soup?
    These are the sorts of things I need to know

All alone at my desk, wide awake at night
Eighty different assignments to be done
What's the best way to put them all off?
What can I do till the pizza boy arrives?
Take some time just to read today's Dream Log
Maybe check out a couple Random Nodes
See what's up with the Other Users...
What do you mean, "It is already 3 A.M."?

    Everything's where I want to go when I want to look up
    What a gynotikolobomassophile is
    What's a logical fallacy and how can I avoid
    Putting one in my next thesis rewrite?

When I logged in today I saw this written on the side:
"Ack! You lost experience!"

So I need to node, and I need to vote
Till I get all my XP points back up
'Cause I want to become a Godhead
Everyone wants to become a Godhead
Everyone wants to node the things they know
Till the day when we've archived everything

    Everything's where I want to go when I have a craving
    For some soy, bacon, rye, jerky, flax, and monkeys
    Why will these make you strong and where should I go to buy
    All of them with a Tasty Beverage?

    Everything's where I want to go when I want to know why
    I should visualize grilled Jesus on rye bread
    What is the Breast Equation and how can I work it
    Into my final Calculus exam?


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