Ettore Majorana was born on the 5th of August in the year 1906 in Catania, Sicily, and was, or maybe still is, an italian quantum physicist. His teacher was Enrico Fermi. He is well known for his proposal that the neutrino is not a massless particle, which seems to be confirmed by current experiments. He also proposed that the neutrino and its anti-particle, the antineutrino, are the same particle (at least regarding many of their properties, like charge). This is reflected in the Majorana equation which includes charge unlike the Dirac equation.

After many travels where he met Heisenberg and Niels Bohr, he returned to Rome in 1933, earning a scholarship in 1937 in Naples, till his disappearance in 1938.

Before his disappearance in 1938, where he is listed as a passenger aboard a postal vessel, he sent out letters indicating both that he was willing to commit suicide that and that he was not, much like in the experiment of Schrodinger's cat.

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