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I often have ideas; If you want to cooperate, contribute or make me contribute, or just have a use for such a projects, please contact me.
For example
Puzzle game in javascript
a peer ranking system (status:asleep)
You have time and access to a webserver, SQL, C and php skills, I have a project to make a wonderful(at least in theory) peer ranking system which could be a service in the internet. I have to admit it is untested and the algorithm isn't simple and fast, but it is good.
A broker server between different MMORPGs.
This would allow transfer of players and assets between completely different games. This would require cooperation by the servers though, although it might also work by a hawala style system if you got bots running and trading on the MMORPGs. A variant of the server also could provide fine-tuning to RTS games. I'll look at The goals of the system would be a bit different from the Gaming Open Market.
A Free Patent Organization
This would allow people to fight back against the many trivial software patents by patenting their own ideas. At the core would be a website, which would have more features like a mix of forum and wiki, ranking and access control.
More about the peer ranking system
The system has the following properties (forgive me if I omit details, but I want some of the fame for discovering it and making it popular, so I'm a bit wary): The system is meant to be used as a rating system for games. But it can also represent a power structure(similar to a representative democracy) or other relationships. When you vote for another member, you don't lose points; When a player receives a new vote, he will always gain points(sometimes only one points); When a player gives you points from his votes, you in turn gain the ability to use his votes to vote for someone else. However, the algorithm makes sure that no player receives votes twice from the same person. If you contrast this with a rating system like the MSN gaming Zone's, where experienced players have lower score than players who never player, you will see that a system where you always gain a few points makes sense. Lastly, in this system deals and matches between champions of different subgroups can be quickly integrated.
Status of peer ranking system
I now have the algorithm coded in C. It connects to the mysql database. I have a php interface which allows the basic stuff like creating an instance of the peer ranking system, called "network", and allows voting, and seeing ratings. It still could need lots of features, but it works. The C code could be speeded up by using a sorted heap data structure.
applications for quantum devices
You have an idea how to make a quantum device as small as a wrist watch, I have the philosophy to sell tons of them.
A general language for communication with aliens (or for AI).
This sounds completely whacky, and is indeed an unlikely scenario, but imagine that tomorrow an alien spacecraft appears in orbit around Earth, and all you need to do is to point a dish at it to communicate. It would be quite handy to possess a protocol and tools to establish communication, both for fun and profit. Even if the aliens never pay a visit, the system should be cool for Artificial Intelligence and language translation. Maybe I'll set it up on sourceforge. Tell me if you do or find this interesting enough to want to help.
discovering new gods.
It's related to Quantum mechanics and the Omega Point but E2 isn't interested.

You can message me if you are interested, although I guess I should also try to describe it better. And I will.

Right now my main hobby( after E2 ) is playing Age of Kings. I also have played Civilization.


I was born in Germany in 1970.

School education till class 13.

Some months of military service.

Studying mathematics and computer science with decreasing performance for a lot of years. I have some papers but didn't finish.

Working as html, C and java code monkey for a few years.

Several years unemployment and trying to get more education to be able to show papers when applying.

The future .. uncharted.

I'm beginning to find it annoying how one's online personality gets fragmented with all the different nicknames. People hardly get to know and remember you.

For the record, aliases and names I use(d) are

  • EdVanSquish
  • McFred
  • Siasl
  • jalimane
  • Highlander
  • diag
  • wurzel

Disclaimer: Despite my nickname, my religion does not involve beheading and the quickening.

Top suspected reasons checklist E2 w/us get nuked
  • typos
  • too short paragraphs
  • editors feels the w/u insults a supressed minority he isn't part of
  • contains original thoughts.
  • authors idiocy
  • is a daylog
  • does not contain enough hardlinks. The feature is there, use it!
  • The node this w/u belongs to may not exist because of similar nodes, or it exists but contains different-themed w/us

Since it is bad style elsewhere because softlinks are better, here is my list of lists, containing stuff which isn't yet listed on E2:

    sites software projects
    • seul
    • tigris

Please don't try the following, unless you understand better than me how cacls works; since the Administrator can't log in anymore after I did the above (until you delete/change permission his Profile directory). You probably should do /E /G Highlander instead of /G (right?); I changed that in the below lines.

bad security, seen on Windows NT, in 5 lines of php:
echo system("date 7.06.2004");
echo system("time 09:06");
echo system("echo J|Cacls  C:\WINNT\Profiles\Administrator /E /G Highlander:R");
echo system("echo J|Cacls  C:\WINNT\Profiles\Administrator /E /R Highlander");
works, so much for this systems security.

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