Brand name of the most consumed Vodka in central Europe. Eristoff is made of 100% pure grain and produced since 1806, the package says that the business was founded by Nicolas Alexandrovitch Eristoff. The drink is imported from Russia by the Bacardi-Martini company and sold in nice .7 liter bottles, cloddy 2 liter bottles are also available in certain superstores and for trading purposes. Snobs tend to buy Absolut Vodka, but the slightly cheaper Eristoff has probably the best price-performance-ratio. Until now there are five different flavors available at nearly all supermarkets and gas stations:

These are the "original" Eristoffs which were there About five years ago the Mandarin taste was introduced, followed by the other two flavors in late 2002. Because the mixing ratio with the white Vodka is the same as with Red Eristoff I won't write the alcohol level here again.

  • Eristoff Mandarin: I could tell you my own personal puking story about this, but I think I'll leave that out. I can only tell you: It tastes good. A little bit like Martini D'Oro, but sweeter, it also has a slightly darker color than D'Oro. Be sure not to drink too much because you like it that much and don't want to stop. That's what I did. Ah I wanted to leave that out.. Another analogy with Martini D'Oro: It's hardly available at normal supermarkets.
  • Eristoff Black, a strange taste. This Vodka is enhanced with blueberry extracts and doesn't taste much different from White Eristoff. Leaves black stains on your tongue, mouth, skin, clothing, basically everywhere.
  • Eristoff Magic, the member of the Eristoff family with the most mysterious taste. I tasted it once, absolutely didn't like it (it's possible that this was also due to the amount of Absinthe I already had in me) and also never bought it. It's color is some dark green with blue parts, the label is also blue and green. If I ever find a bottle I'll update the writeup which extracts are in the beverage.

Because our youth sissified more and more during the last few years and can't even drink the softer Eristoffs mixed drinks became more common. Eristoff kept up and introduced their mixed-drinks-line, currently containing three tastes, in 2002. The drinks are packaged in modern .275 liter bottles with crown seals, the percentage of Vodka in it is 13.3%, the total percentage of alcohol 5% vol.

Finally a topic I'm really interested in. Thanks for listening.

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