E — The Enterprising Type

This type is one of Holland’s Vocational Personality Types. The Enterprising type can be described by the following characteristics:

adventurous, ambitious, authoritarian, dominant, energetic, enthusiastic, full of joie de vivre, impulsive, obtrusive, optimistic, popular, self-confident, sociable

Preferences & Values

symbolic, systematic and monitoring activities


Common Vocational choices
business development coordinator, business executive, buyer, hotel manager, industrial relations consultant, manager, political campaigner, realtor, sales, sports promoter, television producer

Negative Traits

En"ter*pri`sing (?), a.

Having a disposition for enterprise; characterized by enterprise; resolute, active or prompt to attempt; as, an enterprising man or firm.

-- En"ter*pri`sing*ly, adv.


© Webster 1913.

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