In the Babylon 5 universe, the bloke that gets named Emperor of the Centauri Republic by the Centaurum after Emperor Turhan dies. Unfortunately for them, he turns out to be quite insane. He strikes a deal with the Shadows to ascend Cartagia into godhood in exchange for allowing a shadow base on the Island of Selini. Then, after he finds out that a Vorlon planet killer is going to destroy Centauri Prime due to the Shadow influence, he decides to let the planet burn to mark his ascension into godhood--not really caring about the billions of people who will die. He also has a secret room with the heads of all his murdered enemies, which he talks to late at night to get advice from. This is about the time that Londo realizes that Cartagia needs to be assassinated. He is, in fact, assassinated by Vir in The Long Night.

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