Lord Antono Refa, usually referred to as "Lord Refa" is a character from the science fiction television show Babylon 5. He is a reoccurring character, featured in several episodes throughout the second and third seasons of the show.

Lord Refa is a powerful and ambitious Centauri noble, whose ambitions reach all the way to becoming the Emperor of the Centauri. To that end, he schemes and manipulates various members of the Centauri royal court, including Ambassador Londo Mollari. He is responsible for the assassination of the Centauri Prime Minister Malachi, as well as for war crimes against the Narn, and various wars of aggression against sundry Narn neighbors. For these acts, he receives his retribution in And The Rock Cried Out, No Hiding Place.

Babylon 5 was famous for having many shades of gray in its characterization. Many of the series' villains have some type of redeeming feature or backstory that explains their immoral or evil deeds. Lord Refa, however, is not a tragic or sympathetic figure. Lord Refa is a banal, vicious man who doesn't rise about the level of petty personal concerns even while he launches the galaxy into war.

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