Emordnilap is a recently coined word and internet meme... although many would argue that it is not really a word in any meaningful sense.

According to myriad Tumblr posts (starting here), emordnilap is palindrome spelled backwards (true!), and means any word which when spelled backwards makes another word.

Emordnilaps would include:

  • on -- no
  • god -- dog
  • liar -- rail
  • laced -- decal
  • drawer -- reward
  • desserts -- stressed
  • emordnilap -- palindrome

While this is an interesting word, its value is weakened by the fact that this specialized form of anagram has already been named... many, many times. This concept has previously been named as an anadrome, a backwords, a volvogram, a heteropalindrome, revers(o)grams, and perhaps most confusingly, semordnilap (palindromes spelled backwards, coined by Dmitri Borgmann, and cited by the famous puzzle-master Martin Gardner).

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