An emergency fix is a hasty solution to a sudden and unexpected problem. These solutions are often meant to be temporary, but may last longer (especially if procrastination kicks in).

Often called: "Jury-rigged," "Ghetto-rigged," "duct-taped," "good for now," and other adjectives.

Examples of an emergency fix:

- The aquarium has sprung a leak. Tape is applied to stop the water from flowing out until proper caulking can be applied (after the tank is emptied and cleaned).

- A program that is to be released soon has several bugs.  Programmers "comment out" defective code until they can find the errors and fix them in the next version.

- The dial on the thermostat has broken off and become lost.  Someone glues a small toy wheel or other dial onto the post until the thermostat can be replaced.

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