Meet his boy Elroy...

Elroy Jetson, first of the boy geniuses, is the son of George Jetson from the classic Hanna-Barbera TV sitcom "The Jetsons". His voice was provided by the legendary Daws Butler. For the 1990 flop Jetsons: The Movie, he was voiced by Pat Zimmerman (best known for Metal Gear Solid's Revolver Ocelot).

Elroy is the typical 1950s means-well chip off the old block. A full-time student at the Little Dipper School, he has a distinct aptitude for all things scientific - hardly a surprise, considering he lives in an abstract sci-fi future - but his inventions inevitably seemed to be more trouble than their worth. Take, for example, the twitchy time machine he invented which led to the mediocre crossover flick The Jetsons Meet The Flintstones. With his hip computer chat skills and antenna-wielding helmet, Elroy was the quintessential 21st century digital boy.

During the early seasons, Elroy would rarely be seen without his faithful watchdog Astro by his side. Later, as Astro developed into a character all his own, Elroy gained a new pet Orbitty, whose legs were made of springs which allowed Elroy to perform some rather dangerous stunts for the tender age of eight.

During the course of the TV Show, Elroy had several episodes centered around him. Remember the one where he:

  • was hired for a TV program as "space boy Zoom" (and his dog Astro) and learned that fame isn't all it's cracked up to be?
  • received a mixed-up report card data tape (yeah, those writers really had their finger on the future), causing his overbearing parents to give him an undeserved punishment and him to run away?
  • switched the tapes (apparently that particular well hadn't run dry) of his "boring" report on George's day at work with Astro getting friendly with the lady Astros, and earned him an A on his school report (while giving his teacher some late night viewing naughtiness)?
  • broke his mother's favorite pitcher and then lied about it?
  • invented the evolution machine that turned Astro into a supergenius?

As the straight man to George's neurotic quips and Judy's self-pitied whinings, Elroy didn't get too many choice punchlines. He did have a classic line, though, as could only be delivered by the serious yet naive youngun:

"I hope the homework helper got all the answers right, I can't keep blaming it on malfunctions."

Besides his appearances on screens large and small, you can find Elroy in several video games. Besides the Gameboy hit The Jetsons: Robot Panic, you can also find Elroy in four separate games all imaginatively titled The Jetsons - one for the NES, SNES, N64, and Intellivision! You can imagine Elroy himself would be right at home pushing a bunch of buttons in order to make a pixelated entity do various preset tasks while earning valuable bonus points and level ups.

Thanks to Servo5678, the video game nut.

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