Tralfaz was the original name of the Jetsons' dog Astro. As viewers will recall Astro was a stray, acquired by George Jetson's boy Elroy in the episode "The Coming of Astro". Eight episodes later, in "Millionaire Astro", it's revealed that Astro's original owner was the super rich industrialist Mr. Gottrockets. Gottrockets is aghast his prized pooch was named Astro. His real name is "Tralfaz". Gottrockets wins Astro back after a court fight.

Astro is neither happy in his cold, dull palatial home nor that he's stuck back with the name Tralfaz.

Mr Gottrockets eventually realizes Tralfaz will only be happy being by the side of the boy Elroy and lets him return to his adopted master.

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