Who, you say? Well, I'll let Liz introduce herself -

ELIZABETH (LIZ, LISA) BRADY CABOT WINSLOW, A PRODIGY IN MANY FIELDS. Perhaps I rank historically among the 50 or 100 most intelligent and talented people in the most fields ever. More high abilities in more different fields than anyone in last 50 years. Fair, beautiful face and figure, blond, brunette, redhead, green eyes, 5'8", American.

Oh, Liz. If only we could believe you. But the sad truth is, the only field in which you ever truly shone was the madcap world of paranoid/delusional CV memes, an area where you truly have no equal.

Of course, the fact that so many people have chosen to laugh at the deranged self-aggrandization of someone who is clearly very, very disturbed is something to be deplored. Or at least, it would be, if it wasn't so damn funny.
Former child prodigy in many fields. More high abilities in more different fields than anyone in last 50 years. IQ perhaps c 180. Based on amazing abilities suitable for international competition in and impact on and work in numerous fields from an early age, I should be rich and in Who's Who and the Social Register and have many known major credits. In early 1982 I told a classmate of my father in Virginia that I had been described as a genius at large in the early 1970's. I have never known anyone as intelligent as I am. I have by far the best memory of anyone I ever encountered. I have intellectually one upped experts in fields I have never studied, had little interest in, and had little knowledge of; I have done this since an early age. I think I comprehend high intelligence better than anyone. I am currently unemployed, impecunious; all of my invaluable unique possessions including several thousand pounds of personal effects plus two cars, my writings, files, my parents' files, press clippings about me, my modeling books, c 1000 books; my address book listing well known, important, relatives, acquaintances, business connections; my records, etc. were stolen by others, most of whom are listed in the Crime and Malice section below. The New York City government, the crooked New York City Police Department, New York State agencies, the FBI, the DOJ in Washington, DC, etc., have never replied to my many bitter complaints. All of the people named as crooks below directly illegally maliciously schemed against me, some for many years. Anyone who is willing to state that they know who committed the thousands of illegalities against me in New York City primarily but also in the DC area 1982 on, will state where my possessions are, who stole them, who was illegally eavesdropping on my resident phone, who was illegally calling behind my back people they illegally heard me talking to on my residence phone and without my permission or knowledge from 1982 on in New York City, who set up the malicious and nasty incidents with others and persuaded others to go along with their malicious schemes, contact me.
Winslow's CV has now been removed from the Internet, which is why I've chosen to quote the introductory passages at length. Much as I'd like to quote the remainder of this fabulous document, it starts to become somewhat disjointed and/or repetitive at this point, and there's still another 11,000 words to go. At first, this follows the usual CV format, listing "general information", "writing and other activities", "family", "background", "education", and "employment". Granted, most of the entries under these headings are madder than a badger on acid, but at least they may be relevant to a prospective employer. The same cannot really be said of the following section - "CRIME AND MALICE vs ELIZABETH "LIZ" BRADY CABOT WINSLOW". Enough of the boasting - now Liz rolls out the paranoia.

This section is primarily concerned with listing all the people who have been persecuting Liz for the last 45 years. They include "Irishmen, many, in basement apartment in my apartment building in Elmhurst, c 1986-1990", countless other racial groups, Telly Savalas, and about 2000 other people I've never heard of. These are accompanied by lengthy descriptions of the hardships she has endured, which were largely caused by secret surveillance of her apartment, mindbending techniques and weapons controlled by a wide variety of law enforcement organisations, and the entire world's refusal to recognise her genius. Permit me one more quote -
Updates 10/24/01 8/01 -- Electrocuted in left ear at a public telephone. Assaulted by a pervert who had premeditated the crime and was colluding with county sheriff, local police, local EMS, local hospital, and local workers near the site of assault. I refuse to be a sucker for criminal colluders or to identify the assailant who was probably persuaded by others to do it.
Now that Liz's CV has been removed from the web, I'd like to think that she found a job befitting her enormous talents, and is now living a happy and fulfilled life without interference from the FBI and their dastardly cohorts.

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