In Pokemon Red & Blue Gameboy games (and Pokemon Stadium on N64, apparently), the last challenge before the epic, mightiest Final Battle against the reigning Pokemon Master is the series of battles against the Elite Four.

The battles against them will be pretty interesting, because there's no chance for you to go back to the Pokemon Center to heal once you've started! This means you probably want to bring a big bunch of Potions, Revives and Elixirs/Ethers with you...

The Elite Four is:

  • Lolerei, who has ice/water type Pokemons.
  • Bruno, who has fighting type Pokemons.
  • Agatha, who has ghost type Pokemons and other nasty poison-spreaders
  • Lance, who relies on dragons.

All of their Pokemons are between levels 53-62. If you have come this far in the game, I think you don't need any particular hints... Remember, their tricks aren't too nasty.

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