Elapids are front fanged snakes, meaning, as you may well imagine, their fangs are at the front of their jaws. The worlds most dangerous snakes are Elapids, becuase the postition of their fangs makes it easy for them to inject their venom, unlike Colubrids. Another thing that sets them apart from other venomous snakes is that they tend to have hollow fangs, instead of grooved fangs, which allows them to inject more venom directly into their prey. As well as the better known dangerous snakes, there are also some less offensive smaller snakes and the sea snakes.

Some well know Elapids are:
Death Adder
African Coral Snake
Australian Copperhead
Banded Krait
Green Mamba
Black Mamba
Spitting Cobra
Arizona Coral Snake
Southern Coral Snake
Texas Coral Snake
Indian Cobra
King Cobra
Brown Snake
Tiger Snake
Sea Kraits
Coastal Taipan
Fierce Snake

If you have an existing writeup on a snake listed above with a subtle variation on the name, please /msg me. I may just link to it.

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