When most people think of venomous snakes, they think of dangerous snakes, but this is not always an accurate association. Take colubrids for instance. Colubrids species are the snakes with which most people in the world are familiar, except in Australia, where they are much less common.

Colubrids are much like elapids in every way (a broad sweeping generalisation) except the position and form of their fangs. A colubrids fangs are at the back of its jaw, so you'd basically have to stick your finger down its throat to get a dose of venom. They also have grooved fangs instead of hollow fangs, making it imposible for them to directly inject their prey. The venom is dispersed and enters the prey through wounds made by the fangs while the prey is usually already inside the snakes mouth.

All colubrids lack a pelvic girdle, a functional left lung and a coronoid bone (a small bone in the lower jaw that is found in primitive snakes but which has been lost in the more advanced families). Their heads are covered with large symmetrical scales and the vertebrae lack hypapophyses (downward-projecting spines) except in a few specialized species such as those with aquatic habits and the egg-eating snakes, in which the pointed hypapophyses of the oesophagus are used to saw through the shells of eggs.

Some popular Colubrids are:
Lyre Snake
Twig Snake
Eastern Garter Snake
Eastern Ribbon Snake
Plains Garter Snake
Western Ribbon Snake
Chequered Garter Snake
Terrestrial Garter Snake
Black-Necked Garter Snake
African Tiger Snake
European Cat Snake
Black-Headed Snake
Red-Bellied Snake
DeKay’s Snake
South American Tiger Snake
Clouded Slug-Eating Snake
Rosalia Ratsnake
Centipede Snake
Western Patch-Nosed Snake
Long-nosed Snake
Asiatic Ratsnake
Mole Snake
Hissing Sand Snake
Namib Sand Snake
Bull Snake
Northern Pine Snake
Sonoran Gopher Snake
Saddled Leaf-Nosed Snake
Spotted Green Snake
Vine Snake
Smooth Green Snake
Rough Green Snake
Brown Water Snake
Northern Water Snake
Banded Water Snake
Green Water Snake
Dice Snake
Grass Snake
Viperine Snake
Coachwhip Snake
Sonoran WhipSnake
Montpellier Snake
Parrot Snake
Cat-Eyed Snake
Brown House Snake
Aurora House Snake
Californian Mountain Kingsnake
Sinaloan Milksnake
Honduran Milksnake
Pueblan Milksnake
Sonoran Mountain Milksnake
Grey Banded Kingsnake
Mexican Kingsnake
Speckled Kingsnake
Californian Kingsnake
Prairie Kingsnake
Slender Vine Snake
Spotted Night Snake
Southern Hognose Snake
Eastern Hognose Snake
Western Hognose Snake
Red Tailed Racer
False Coral Snake
Fox Snake
Leopard Snake
Corn Snake
Mangrove Snake
Paradise Tree Snake
Indigo Snake
Boomslang Snake

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